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I’ll Tell You What’s Wrong With Kansas

I’ve been accused of name-dropping. An old friend says it. He says, “Jesus, Toby, you’re such a name-dropper.” I suppose I am. I’m an old man and I’ve lived a lot of places and met a lot of people. It … Continue reading

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Moby Wagon

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Breaking the Ice (with a teeny tiny little hammer)

I was thinking about busting my stall’s door open with a powerfully heavy first post… then got caught up in a soul-crushing editing process. then I decided that perhaps it wouldn’t establish quite the appropriate first impression of my personality. Of course, we can all be wildly different characters at different moments; allowing the … Continue reading

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Harris, Dawkins, & Hitchens: Their Influence On My Life

From my earliest memories there was a questioning of the church. Looking back I can not remember a time when I believed in gods. In spite of this I searched for answers in churches, synagogues, and temples, because all of … Continue reading

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A Word By Any Other Name

A well-intentioned Southern publisher last week announced the printing of an edited version of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn, one suggested for classroom use where ”sensitivity issues” might arise over Twain’s use of the word ”nigger.” The new, revised text substitutes … Continue reading

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Our Freedoms

Freedom is such a tired word. It’s been used for too long to describe so many different conditions and situations that it’s now just a weary abstraction. Nobody can really define freedom, because it means too many different things to … Continue reading

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This Is Bananas

Sometimes it’s very difficult to relate abstract concepts from science to our daily life. In cases like the Japan tragedy, it is very important for us to remain informed and try to understand the real magnitude of the risks involved, … Continue reading

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Hello World, This Is Me (Thanks to Others)

Hi there, fellow global citizen. I am happy to be here at Kittentacles, not only because I love the pretty kittulthu on top, but because some of my best friends are here, even if I have not met them in … Continue reading

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Note To Myself On Helen Keller’s ”Miraculous Awakening”

1. Assumption: the healthy human brain possesses an innate capacity for language acquisition. 2. Assumption: such acquisition comes early in childhood through interacting with, and learning from, other, older humans, particularly one’s mother. 3. Assumption: the distinguishing and unique characteristic … Continue reading

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Pennies for Dollars

The only reason we exist is to feed and fight for the wealthy, if they didn’t need us, they’d eat us. The best way to force change is to stop listening to, and feeding and fighting for, the wealthy. This … Continue reading

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Sea of Stars

Standing In a sea of stars Leaves one Feeling like a child On tiptoes Catching glimpses Through a crowd Never seeing But a few feet Ahead

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”Where you’re always welcome after you’ve been kicked out of every joint in town.”

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