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Little Lulu Welcomes You To The Mall

I don’t know who did this. I don’t know why it greets customers to Flint, Michigan’s Dort Mall. It’s about 40″ high and crudely made of  plaster and badly painted. For some reason it unnerves me and I have no … Continue reading

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Into The Cloud

I had a great-grandfather on my mother’s side who got pissed off at the Roman Catholic Church and its dogma. It started with a parish priest who for reasons now unknown refused last rites to one of the old man’s … Continue reading

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A Punk Rock Bee, For Earth Day

Osmia bucephala, male. Words & Images Copyright All rights reserved by Ellen Bulger

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Can You Imagine McDonalds Doing This?

THIS, can you imagine it?

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Are you ready?

  What better way to celebrate our giant stony Polynesian overlords than enjoying a delicious Chocolate Moai, straight from Rapa Nui?

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The No Picture Policy

I took this in an antique shop, just before I was sniffily told by an uptight woman who had pressed her lips together into near-invisible thinness, that they had a NO PICTURES POLICY IN THE STORE. What is it with … Continue reading

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Housatonic Wire Fire

It was late in the afternoon, September 11th, 2010. We’d just gotten off of Rte. 8, on our way back from the Lebanon Fair, Cliff and me, when he noticed the plume. “Why is it going straight up?” He asked. “Why … Continue reading

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Elm Spring Farm in the Snow

Caught in action, oh my, yes. Those shadows, they’re just screaming across that field. The clouds? There’s a word for that action. It’s called scudding. But wait, there’s more. The snow is melting. Think that’s slow? It ain’t. This shot … Continue reading

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Dress Remembers the Dance

(I did not set this up, nor did the folks at Fashionista, the shop where I took the picture. This just happened. I should have taken a video of it, but I did not think to do it at the … Continue reading

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A Minor Road Deity

  I saw her from a distance, gray and grim, as if she’d been crucified on the truck’s radiator grill. But when I went up for a closer look, there was something more to her. At first glance, she looked … Continue reading

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Dennis Murphy Likes To Hit People (1961)

“Be careful of Dennis,” Johnny Garcia said. “He’s sizing you up. Sooner or later he’s gonna want to take a swing at you.” “I don’t even know the guy,” I said. “I just met him last night.” “Don’t matter, Dennis … Continue reading

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Supporters Of The Venezuelan Govt. Assault Opposition Members

One of the worst aspects of this so called Bolivarian Revolution is the way in that opposition is silenced and abused by unofficial groups that support the government. The Venezuelan govt claims that there is no violation of rights and … Continue reading

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