Are Artists Liars? Absolutely… – are artists liars?

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  1. Ellen Bulger says:

    Hmmmph. This seems largely semantics. There is a difference between data and perception. Artists are communicators. They are telling their stories. The point is to get it through the audience/viewers skulls, which are often rather thick. Sometimes if you simply present the bare facts, they do not get it at ALL. Sometimes you need to emphasize, to seemingly distort, in order to better communicate the actual reality. This is probably better understood in its literal sense by visual artists.

    Drawing and painting, for example, are a series of visual tricks to communicate something seen by the artist, something three dimensional, in a two-dimensional format. A drawing of an apple is not an apple. You cannot eat it. You cannot hear the song of a painted bird. Are these lies? I don’t think so.

    The word for apple is not an actual apple. It is a convention of sound that communicates to the listener any of a number of meanings. The more skilled the speaker or writer, the better he or she can use that word to communicate just what he or she means by “apple”. We don’t call this lying. We call it language.

    If I am trying to tell someone that I have an apple, only in Spanish, and I use the wrong word, am I lying? If I tell them I have a galleta when what is actually in my bag is a Granny Smith, am I bullshitting them? I think not. I think lying implies wrongful intent.

    When you get up on stage to play Hamlet, you aren’t trying to cheat anyone. You aren’t lying. You are actually expressing a truth.

    Because sometimes the shortest distance between two points is NOT a straight line.

  2. Hakuin says:

    artists artifice

  3. JoeM says:

    Foolish people continue to take up for professional liars. Labeling is the number on tool for disguising liars as something legitimate and good. Singers, actors, painters, politicians, lawyers, doctors, etc. They are all liars. When you watch a movie at a cinema, how do you feel when the movie is over? You began talking about the movie like the events really happened. Your mind is not above a lie being disguised as reality. You are influenced by it, like it or not. Hence the reason why culture is directly influenced by the media.

    Painters are liars as well. They create more fiction rather than truths. But the fact is. Truth has already been created!! All we can do is remind people of it. But we often don’t do that. Instead, we create our own truth and call it art! Its comendable because people want to believe it is. Goes to show the masses are easily FOOLED.

    Politicians are the biggest fools of all. They devote their lives to a system of injustice and deception. And they carry those lies to the people. Reason we see a “respectable” figure become President of the USA, only to become rotten a few years later. it is because they were already rotten to begin with.

    Doctors are liars. They withhold the truth. Instead of using ANY means necessary to cure our illnesses, they push drugs in our faces, telling us its the only thing that will help us. Because they sold out to legislation and the influence of drug companies. So instead of giving you that Apple Cider Vinegar cure, they give you some overpriced poison pill. And they send you to Chemo for cancer when baking soda and fasting are curing it every day. They are BIG liars.

    Lawyers. Needs no real explanation. They are liars. Their number one motivation is money, like any liar. They don’t care if they represent the good guy or the bad guy. As long as they win and get paid. They are bottom feeders. Yet they are promoted as respected figures of a community. Wearing suits and ties with a smile.

    The list can indeed go on. But all in all. They are all liars. All those roads lead to the same place. It always revolves around money and power. Singers want to be loved like gods. So do actors. And when all these liars are playing their roles, they are living dysfunctional lives, getting in trouble for many things. Truly respectable people do not go around telling untruths. They don’t act like fools, living dysfunctional lives. And they are not exalted or celebrated.

    Just maybe GOD has made His followers fool proof. For all the fools in the world are honored and celebrated by other fools. All the while, the truly honorable servants are overlooked by all. Just to keep them pure and protected.

    So which one are you? Are you a liar?

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