Texas, Our Texas

Texas is the Red State. Presidential candidates don’t pander to us, they know where our vote is going. No matter how much the rest of you sneer and mock us, we’re good, God-fearing men down here. We don’t teach no filthy sex-education. We’re pro-life, because we follow God’s law.

Here in Texas, we only kill people who deserve it. Like Mexicans. Those filthy, murderin’, no-good illegals. It’s thanks to them, you know, that Texas is in violation of the Vienna Convention.  It’s all their fault. If Humberto Leal hadn’t killed somebody, we wouldn’t have had to kill him right back. We had the right: it’s our state, dammit.

We’re equal-minded, too. Somebody kills a raghead and attacks another, we’ll kill him dead too. Even if he is a good ol’ boy. We ain’t racists here. Course, the bastards don’t appreciate us for it. Rais Bhuiyan, that poor ugly dog who got his face shot off, wanted mercy for his attacker. He just didn’t understand how important it was that we handle this permanently- out here on the frontier, there’s no such thing as prison, the sheriffs don’t have the time.

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One Response to Texas, Our Texas

  1. Tobias Flint says:

    I was once told I was ”incapable as a Texas district attorney of admitting wrong-doing.”

    But my favorite is the Texas Supreme Court’s refusal a few years ago to grant a retrial to an innocent man on the grounds that he had received a fair trial the first time, regardless of the fact that he was innocent; the court found his innocence to be irrelevant to the process. One can only marvel at the valuation of form over content.

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