My Friend … The Hijacker?

My friend William Wolfgang Gossett, “Wolf,” died 8 years ago at Newport, Oregon when he was 73 years old. He was an amazing and interesting old man, not least for his fantastic stories and alleged adventures which spanned decades, continents, and professions. We bullshitted a lot and swapped tall tales to our mutual satisfaction. I enjoyed trying to top his lies even when some of them were true. But I remember him most for his wonderful wife, Marilyn Smith, and their matched pair of Scottish Terriers that I pretended to be terrified by, much to their barking delight, when encountering the four of them on their nightly walk, calling out, ”Beware! Beware! The Scotties From Hell! The Scotties from Hell!”

During the ten years I knew him he told me many stories, most of which I discounted or disbelieved. He seemed a classic fabulist and yarn spinner, but he was well-mannered all of the time and funny most of the time. It never occurred to me, even remotely, that his fantasies were a kind of, well, cover.

He never told me he might be D.B. Cooper.

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4 Responses to My Friend … The Hijacker?

  1. Charlie says:


    How about one of those yarns, Toby?

    So- what exactly is your mostly-funny, well-mannered story-teller persona obscuring, hmmmm?

  2. Marilyn Smith says:

    Ahhhhh-the memories. I still miss my “”scotties from hell”…..
    You are still your very smart and wise self…..

  3. Tobias Flint says:

    Hi, Marilyn … you are too kind.
    I realize they were Cairn terriers (as Susan H. reminds me in an email) but that doesn’t scan as well; ‘Scotties from Hell!” makes a better wail. Whatever, those little guys seemed to accept it as a proper greeting. I, too, miss them.

  4. Galen Cook, Attorney at Law says:

    Well stated. I’ve been working on the DB Cooper case for years. Gossett’s name came up out of the clear blue, and I’ve been investigating it ever since. Turns out that some people on the run from the law use a strange kind of ruse to deflect detection, that is, they tell a lot of stories and see if anyone bites. Mix a little truth and see if they bite. If they don’t bite, then tell them more. It’s a very sophisticated method to describe their true selves to people. Gossett did this, and he screened those who he could and could not trust with the info. Don’t forget, the FBI left this case open with a $500,000 bench warrant and a 45-year federal prison sentence waiting for the conviction of the real skyjacker. That’s enough to use extreme caution for the wise, master criminal. As for Gossett being DB Cooper…………… they say, the proof is in the puddin. And the puddin is almost ready for consumption.

    Galen Cook

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