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Happiness vs. Well-being

A wonderful upbeat, reasonably well adjusted, happy friend posted this link with the following comment attached: “Well-being cannot exist just in your own head”…..hmmmm…I’m not so sure about that! Sometimes just having the belief makes it so. The linked NY … Continue reading

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Girls and Boys

One of the greatest revelations fatherhood supplies is how innately different girls and boys are at a very early age. Having had only brothers, growing up in a male dominated world, and working almost exclusively with men left me clueless … Continue reading

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Religions, Bigotry, And The Greatest Lie Ever Told

I’m tired of being assigned the title bigot, because of my extreme dislike and complete distrust of religions. As a disclaimer, I hate religions, not an entirely healthy state of mind, but in my defense I have more than the … Continue reading

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Bumper Strip Of The Year?

“Read My Lips: NO NEW TEXANS”

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Dancing With The Worser Devils Of Their Natures

The thing I like about having a non-commercial blog, or column, is that I can write any goddamn thing I want, any way I want, whenever I want. I have no boss and no editors—except for a friend who is … Continue reading

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