Religions, Bigotry, And The Greatest Lie Ever Told

I’m tired of being assigned the title bigot, because of my extreme dislike and complete distrust of religions. As a disclaimer, I hate religions, not an entirely healthy state of mind, but in my defense I have more than the usual reasons for doing so.

I have spent time in churches, cathedrals, temples, and mosques searching for the truth, the secret of life. I have sat and listened for hours to priests, rabbis, and mullahs, earnestly hoping for a glimpse of the secret they profess to hold. In all cases none was forthcoming, leaving no doubt religion not only possesses no great secrets, but is rapidly falling behind as we learn more about ourselves and the universe.

In hindsight, these were the acts of a naive child led to believe religion holds the secret to life and the after life. Not only that, but these discussions, and, in a few cases drinking sessions, with various clergy, made it obvious these men were either completely clueless of or consciously complicit in the lie religions perpetuate.

This led to the conclusion, that of the many crimes against humanity religions commit daily, the greatest is quite possibly the lie almost all religions impart to their young. This lie is not the myth of any one faith. The grand lie is that religion, any religion, holds the answers to the ancient questions our very existence presents. This belief, imparted to young impressionable minds, that religions enjoy a special status as keepers of the truth, as the ultimate purveyors of morality, and holders of the very keys to the mystery of existence, serves to entrap us before we start, a trap most of us never escape. Belief in religions as the sole answer to our questions and sacred vessel of salvation is the lynch pin holding us fast to a superstitious and fearful past.

While we may learn to distrust the religion into which we are born, distrusting all religions is far more difficult, because they all teach one simple lesson: religion is the answer, religion is the only answer, and without religion we will forever be lost, not only in this life, but in every life, should you believe that as well. Teaching children that without religion and its various gods they are worthless and their lives meaningless, is unarguably the greatest lie ever told.

So, do I appear bigoted? Yes. But, after closer examination, what appears to the reader as baseless bigotry is revealed as a full understanding of religion’s base lie. Judging religions on this lie and finding religions guilty of the most heinous of crimes this willful ignorance permits is then revealed as a wholly rational conclusion, not bigotry. The prolonged perpetuation of deception, intolerance, and ignorance, which wastes precious time in meaningless quests, breeds mutual distrust, hate, and violence, and continues to impede both spiritual and corporeal development, is unsustainable. The leadership of these corrupt institutions know this to be true, yet continue selling the lie. This lie, because it attempts to trump science with archaic religious belief, now threatens our very existence.

Therefore, desiring the world to be once and for all rid of religion’s poisonous influence and believing this goal to be not only a necessary step in our evolution, but one of the greatest leaps of reason our species has yet to make, is not only perfectly reasonable, but obvious. I believe this triumph of reason over superstition is inevitable and absolutely critical if our species is to survive its mistakes.

With this in mind, I hold that affording religions the complete lack of respect they have earned is not bigoted, but is an entirely rational conclusion based on well documented evidence and sound reason, and, in my own case, personal experience. In fact, religions and their apologists are not victims of bigotry, but the progenitors of bigotry. Religion is the primordial slop from which bigots arise in abundance. That religion’s defenders would direct this slander at their opponents is the height of hypocrisy and those who would believe it true are victims of the greatest lie ever told.

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2 Responses to Religions, Bigotry, And The Greatest Lie Ever Told

  1. Nice work. I probably won’t live long enough to see humanity evolve beyond such an archaic form of governance. Although I do have faith it will happen someday.

  2. Doug says:

    Agreed, at this point everything is for the children.

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