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Why do people with Judeo/Christian/Muslim beliefs so frequently disagree with the Theory of Evolution? Why do they always ask the same questions: what gives life purpose without gods; how would you know the difference between right and wrong if there … Continue reading

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Faux Will

Many years ago someone said to me, well, they could have done differently, I wouldn’t have done that. These statements stuck with me for a very long time. The back burner of my mind is unrelenting, it is never off. … Continue reading

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Picking and Choosing

A friend recently posted and then deleted a Facebook status update, “You cannot pick and choose what you believe in the bible, it is all or nothing.” With a lot of help from Sam Harris let me explain the truth … Continue reading

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These are my solutions to the economic and social problems facing the United States of America. 1. Stop taxing corporations and businesses, and end corporate welfare.

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You Get What You Pay For

Well, all they needed to do was pay a tiny bit more in taxes, show a little compassion, and don’t do anything to inflame the general population’s sense of fear and distrust. Had they done this the OWS movement would … Continue reading

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Redefining War, Eroding the Law

We have redefined a word and based on this new definition our president has given an extra-judicial order to kill a citizen of the United States in a foreign country. How has our new definition of war brought us to … Continue reading

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Happiness vs. Well-being

A wonderful upbeat, reasonably well adjusted, happy friend posted this link with the following comment attached: “Well-being cannot exist just in your own head”…..hmmmm…I’m not so sure about that! Sometimes just having the belief makes it so. The linked NY … Continue reading

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Girls and Boys

One of the greatest revelations fatherhood supplies is how innately different girls and boys are at a very early age. Having had only brothers, growing up in a male dominated world, and working almost exclusively with men left me clueless … Continue reading

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Religions, Bigotry, And The Greatest Lie Ever Told

I’m tired of being assigned the title bigot, because of my extreme dislike and complete distrust of religions. As a disclaimer, I hate religions, not an entirely healthy state of mind, but in my defense I have more than the … Continue reading

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A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach from Buffer Boesch on Vimeo. This is a wonderful video created by a very talented man who is constantly surprising everyone he knows. Enjoy!

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This is not fate, this is life.

Somewhere in our minds Lies a feeling, never fully understood, Ancient vestige, animal instinct. Genetic fossil, limbic brain, Driving us, our will be damned. Pretending to control our thoughts, The limbic and endocrine systems control our lives. Pleasure as pain, … Continue reading

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A World Without Free Will

Why? This is probably the shortest and most difficult question we face, and we face it every moment of our lives. Why? Why do we do what we do? How much of what we do is free will? Or is … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

There really is nothing quite as much fun as blowing minds, even more so the mind of an inquisitive child. What happens if your brain is in a jar in a room with a billion jars, etc., etc. How about … Continue reading

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Where do we stand?

After billions of years of evolution, life on this planet is asking a question. Where do we stand? The pronoun – we – is meant to include all life, not to exclude all none homo sapien life. Life looks through … Continue reading

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Harris, Dawkins, & Hitchens: Their Influence On My Life

From my earliest memories there was a questioning of the church. Looking back I can not remember a time when I believed in gods. In spite of this I searched for answers in churches, synagogues, and temples, because all of … Continue reading

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Pennies for Dollars

The only reason we exist is to feed and fight for the wealthy, if they didn’t need us, they’d eat us. The best way to force change is to stop listening to, and feeding and fighting for, the wealthy. This … Continue reading

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Sea of Stars

Standing In a sea of stars Leaves one Feeling like a child On tiptoes Catching glimpses Through a crowd Never seeing But a few feet Ahead

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