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The Jellyfish Tragedy

  Windsor Locks, CT, December 16, 2010 - Last week in a rarely-seen or photographed event, thousands of hapless jellyfish on their way to spawn were stranded and frozen along the shores of the Connecticut River. The gelatinous creatures are not uncommon, … Continue reading

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The Knowing of Hurakan

Harry Reid, I think it was, just came out and said that Katrina could not compare to Sandy. I read that and my jaw just dropped. I guess human life must not matter much to the Senator. There have been … Continue reading

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good slop

There are these bacterial mats, these hunks of orange gloppy biota that live in a side stream not far from where I live. They’re in a park through which the little Wepawaug River ambles along. The town dump used to … Continue reading

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A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach from Buffer Boesch on Vimeo. This is a wonderful video created by a very talented man who is constantly surprising everyone he knows. Enjoy!

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A Punk Rock Bee, For Earth Day

Osmia bucephala, male. Words & Images Copyright All rights reserved by Ellen Bulger

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Are you ready?

  What better way to celebrate our giant stony Polynesian overlords than enjoying a delicious Chocolate Moai, straight from Rapa Nui?

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Breaking the Ice (with a teeny tiny little hammer)

I was thinking about busting my stall’s door open with a powerfully heavy first post… then got caught up in a soul-crushing editing process. then I decided that perhaps it wouldn’t establish quite the appropriate first impression of my personality. Of course, we can all be wildly different characters at different moments; allowing the … Continue reading

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