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On Vulnerability

I was catching up on The Atheist Experience blog this week and came across the flying debris of a rather puzzling shitstorm. A female atheist/skeptic blogger had recently commented on an awkward late-nigh encounter in an elevator at a convention … Continue reading

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Documentary about a modern-day maiko trainee

Becoming a Geisha – BBC This beautiful BBC documentary tells the story of Yukina, a modern-day 15 year-old girl training to become a maiko. While it is fascinating to view the training and daily life of maiko/geisha through a window … Continue reading

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‘The Canoe says Canada’

It was a gorgeous spring day today; so husband, little girl and myself decided to explore the neighbourhood a bit. Having moved at the beginning of April, we discovered that we were a mere few blocks from Ottawa’s Museum of … Continue reading

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Are you ready?

  What better way to celebrate our giant stony Polynesian overlords than enjoying a delicious Chocolate Moai, straight from Rapa Nui?

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Breaking the Ice (with a teeny tiny little hammer)

I was thinking about busting my stall’s door open with a powerfully heavy first post… then got caught up in a soul-crushing editing process. then I decided that perhaps it wouldn’t establish quite the appropriate first impression of my personality. Of course, we can all be wildly different characters at different moments; allowing the … Continue reading

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