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This Damn Gun Thing

  (Note: I sent this out as an email with a link to CT. Senator Blumenthal’s petition to support his background check for ammo purchase bill. It’s one of many steps we can take…) So the shooting thing in Newtown … Continue reading

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The Knowing of Hurakan

Harry Reid, I think it was, just came out and said that Katrina could not compare to Sandy. I read that and my jaw just dropped. I guess human life must not matter much to the Senator. There have been … Continue reading

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Life, Liberty, Estate, and Internet

I am and always have been, a staunch supporter of net neutrality bills and heavier regulation on the purveyors of this grand information super highway we find ourselves on. I have a reason to be; the world wide web is … Continue reading

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Where do we stand?

After billions of years of evolution, life on this planet is asking a question. Where do we stand? The pronoun – we – is meant to include all life, not to exclude all none homo sapien life. Life looks through … Continue reading

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Supporters Of The Venezuelan Govt. Assault Opposition Members

One of the worst aspects of this so called Bolivarian Revolution is the way in that opposition is silenced and abused by unofficial groups that support the government. The Venezuelan govt claims that there is no violation of rights and … Continue reading

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Pennies for Dollars

The only reason we exist is to feed and fight for the wealthy, if they didn’t need us, they’d eat us. The best way to force change is to stop listening to, and feeding and fighting for, the wealthy. This … Continue reading

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