kitTentacles wtf?

Who and What, But Don’t Ask Why.

If you’ve ever spent any time in the water over a tropical reef, you’ve seen them, mixed schools of fish. If you pay attention to such things, if you think about the big picture, it takes you aback. Here and there, cruising over the reef, are small groups of fish of various species, foraging for food. You don’t see that sort of thing often in nature. Organisms, it would seem, pull together with those who are like themselves. They rarely seem to cooperate with beings unlike themselves. And so it is with people. Folks usually pal around with people who are like them. I guess that’s some kind of safe. It’s boring as hell. Being so insulated is also kind of dangerous. It lets you fall into a rut and the world being what the world is, that is never wise. What’s called for is bobbing and weaving. In the middle of the herd, you can’t feel the wind shift. You can’t smell what’s coming over the next rise.

Here on kitTentacles, we keep our eyes open and our nostrils flared. We are certainly a mixed school. From near and far, we’re young (with old souls) and old (but young at heart). What we have in common is our iconoclasm. We’re skeptical. Some of us are downright cranky. We’ve been around the block (sometimes via an involuntary Cossack drag).

We will not believe propaganda or fables or spout the company line to comfort ourselves or you. If the reality of the moment is icky, trust us, at the very least, to get up to our chins in it. When the current reality is good, we will sing, we will dance. It will be messy. BYOB.

We’ve been up and we’ve been down and the movement betwixt and between those two states can be instructive. When your head is hitting the risers with a thump, thump, thump, insights have a way of getting past all your old defenses. Maybe it is because the force of living cracks your mind right open. Maybe the school of hard knocks pounds some small wisdom into you. Whatever the reason, we know stuff and we have a thing or two to say.

These days, there are plenty of blowhards who make a lot of noise. We will make our share, but we promise to exercise critical thinking, more often than not. We’re outsiders, mostly. So our sense of empathy for those who are not just like us has not atrophied. Altruism, on kitTenacles, is actually seen as a virtue.

If this all leaves you a bit confused about kitTentacles, that’s all to the good. We aren’t quite sure ourselves yet. We’ll bring you up to speed as soon as we know.

Just keep reading.



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  1. Toby Flint says:

    ”Good mawnin’ , Lawd!”

  2. Toby Flint says:


  3. Toby Flint says:

    Don’t shout, please.

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